The sea, sun, beaches, good fun was for many years’ carriers of Dalmatian tourism, but this is not all that is offered to you in the most beautiful part of the Mediterranean. For several years Dalmatia has been breaking through the tourist market and how high quality a gastro destination is and is achieving more and more success every year.

International tourist fairs have been showing for some time that tourists as one of the most important items for a pleasant stay in a destination emphasize the ethno-gastronomic offer. Guests generally point out that you can best get to know a country if you try what its people eat. That is why the city of Split has placed gastronomy in its strategic determinants on a high third place, but also built a study of gastronomy, in order to discover what is on offer in local restaurants, but also how the offer can be better.

Interestingly, Croatian botanist Georgie Mateljan has set aside a total of 2.5 thousand foods to be the 100 healthiest in the world, and you can find as many as 90 of them in Dalmatia. The list of the 100 healthiest foods has been in place for some time and has been confirmed by world-renowned experts and are available both in daily nutrition and in the hospitality industry.

Michelin guide restaurants in Split

Numerous Split restaurants are turning increasingly with local ingredients and richer menus, as can be seen in last year’s Michelin Guide to Croatia, where as many as four Split restaurants found their place. The restaurants Kadena, Grain of Salt, and Zoe received a Michelin recommendation, and Tavern Fetivi received the “Bib Gourmand” award, which guarantees that in this place fine can be eaten for up to 35 euros per person. In the center of Split there are many restaurants, and the food offer is so diverse, that there is no palate that will not find its favorite area. From quality seafood offerings, to meat products and finally there are pubs with a fast food offer with a special twist.

Fish dishes

If you have decided to try some of the rich offer of fish dishes, for which Split is widely known, then restaurant Noštromo , guided by the gastronomic baton of Zlatko Marinović , which is located next to the Split fish market is your best choice. In the lower part of the restaurant is a café, and on the first floor a large restaurant. Trump is an imaginative fish dish whether it’s traditional Dalmatian cuisine or author’s creations. The restaurant offers is made off dishes such as sea eggs, old-fashioned wigs, rye gregades, prilipak risottos and fish soups.

sea food

In the immediate vicinity there is also a restaurant Corto Maltese pleasant area with free style Mediterranean and vegan cuisine with moderate prices, large portions and good food. As they tell their story, it’s not just about food, but about the lifestyle and quality that lives beneath the world’s bluest sky, feeling Mediterranean in bones. The food is always fresh, colorful, prepared in a modern and healthy way.


Traditional Dalmatian meal

Tavern Fetivi is for all those who want to enjoy the traditional Dalmatian meal “on a spoon” and whose offer depends on the seasonal offer, grilled fish and meat as well as excellent cheese and prosciutto with solid wine of the house, the tavern of the Piplović family made a favorite gastronomic address. From a permanently changing menu it is worth recommending – everything. But if you hit the right day, you need to try the musket from Sced, shrimp soup, buzare, lentil with dried meat or orzo with beans and dried meat “on a spoon”. Moderate prices and quality dishes have contributed greatly to this, just as well as accommodation in the center of the city and the lovable rustic ambience of the Dalmatian tavern indoors and a great multifunctional terrace in the antique palace.

Beer and fast food

For lovers of beer and fast food there is Fabriqué pub, an industrial-style space, which in the evening becomes an unavoidable place to start a good night’s time. In the daytime, it turns into a very good bar with a good selection of beers and a solid menu made up of Steaks with homemade mustard, wings in BBQ sauce, ribs in sauce, burgers.

Fast food in the domestic style can be found in Kantun Paulina, which has existed in the city of Split for forty years, so we can freely call them an institution. To come to Split, not to try the ćevape with ajvar and the onion in the lepinja will be really a shame. Although the ćevapi are a typical Bosnian specialty, those from Kantun are simply inimitably “Splitski”.

If you’re up for a little street food experimentation with a standard Dalmatian food, then the Misto Street food factory is the right place for you. Although the area itself is quite small, there is a small “terrace” outside with tables located next to the northwest tower of Diocletian’s Palace. There you will find real surprises in the form of a sandwich containing beef tail – brudet in ciabatta, “black scallop”, homemade Dalmatian fish burgers, tuna with vegetables and fried potatoes or pasta-façade “to go” in the winter offer.

An unavoidable place for burger lovers just on the way from The Waterfront to the West Coast is Toto’s burger bar. An excellent choice for breakfast with omelette, smoothies or natural juices, Toto’s is still primarily the right address for lovers of varied and imaginative burgers. With homemade beef, fresh tomatoes, unavoidable pickle or at will with an egg “on the eye”, rusted pancetta, brie, chicken and Mozzarella, its own excellent barbecue sauce. In addition to burgers there are “tsunami sandwiches”, prawn skewers, tuna or chicken salads, but also vegetarian burgers (also available in gluten-free versions) and classic non-vegetable salads.

For good wines and a plate with quality cheeses, head to La regina dell formaggio delicatessen shop which offers – in a sofble italian – premium cheeses, cured meats and mandolat, selected brandy, wines and exclusive craft beer Birra del’ borgo.

If you want to enjoy top-notch gastronomy Portofino steak, pasta and seafood restaurant located in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace is a great choice. Portofino is a Mediterranean restaurant that offers fine steaks with a wooden grill, fine pasta and innovative fish dishes. In addition to location and superior service, carefully selected local wines and dishes with a twist you will spend an unforgettable evening.


For dessert lovers, there are two unavoidable places – one is a Oš kolač that offers extra-serial classics, such as a glossy cake made with vanilla or hazelnut cream and chocolate, cream cheese cake and cream made from sour cream and lemon or equally refreshing citrus biscuit with white chocolate, toasted almonds and lemon cream, “raw passions”. The other is Luka IceCream & Cakes, which has become an unavoidable place for premium ice creams as well as for imaginative cakes and cakes, chocolate biscuits, mousses, Jaffa or vegan cubes (with stew), cream pies “to go” (served in a glass) or unexpected combinations such as beer and ice cream.