The tourist season, though still shy, stops on its feet again. Additional airline lines with many European destinations are opening, and lovers of travel and real holidays return to the Adriatic. The situation with the COVID 19 virus has tired us all in recent months, but Croatia , with its border-closure regime and strict regime prescribed by the National Command , has passed the peak of the crisis with a very small number of patients.

Thanks to the timely reaction in Croatia, there has been no crisis like that in the countries in the environment, and today the measures, although mitigated, are still being implemented. Split will also offer you numerous cultural and entertainment events this year with all the measures of your protection, and the sea and the sun are what you will be able to enjoy without worrying.

Visiting Split also allows you to enjoy the islands in its immediate vicinity, and the best way to enjoy this adventure is provided by speed boat. With their fun, day trips you will take advantage of the possibility of full and unencoded enjoyment in small groups, with refreshing drinks and discovering hidden bays with beautiful beaches and crystal-clear sea. Your speed boat will welcome you in split port, and next to you there is a parking and taxi stop. After boarding you will find a beautiful ride on which you can enjoy the view of the attractive central Dalmatian islands, The Way takes you to the most remote inhabited Dalmatian island, the true pearl of the Adriatic, Vis. An island that has not succumbed to mass tourism, is a true small oasis of peace and good food. Although the island is road connected, its true beauty is only yet to be experienced by boat tour and pleasant ride to Komiza. There you can enjoy real local specialties in numerous restaurants on the waterfront, and komiška pita, traditional pastry with sardines and tomatoes, you simply must try.

Stiniva beach

One of the most attractive events of this trip is a safe visit to the Blue Cave, located in Balun bay on the eastern side of the island of Bisevo, opposite the town of Komiza, which is the real lure for excursion boats throughout Dalmatia. The blue cave is one of the untouched pearls, naturally carved among the rocks, and one of the legends says it has been home to the sea bear for years. The plateau on which it was lying can be seen at the entry into the cave that gives you another beauty. At noon, the sun penetrates through the crack at the top of the cave, and then the sea in it shines like gold and the cave is shown in all its beauty. An experience that is difficult to describe in words and should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Of course, one of the advantages is that you can now enter it without waiting for a vast row of boats, because there are fewer tourists, so this is an opportunity to take advantage of.

After the Blue Cave you will find two other attractive locations, the unique bay Stiniva and the island Budikovac. Stiniva beach was recently proclaimed the most beautiful European beach, which it certainly deserved among other things with its beautiful entrance located between the great cliffs. Surrounded by high cliffs on all sides, Stiniva is always in the shadows at least once with her half.


After swimming in Stiniva, you must not miss Veli Budikovac, an uninhabited islet in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. Veliki Budikovac, lies northeast of the islet of Ravnika. It is located about 3 km southeast of Rukavac on the island of Vis. Next to it is the islet of Mali Budikovac. Beautiful clean sea, beach and small bar make this place the perfect place for relaxation, swimming and diving for what equipment you can get on speedboat.

Here we spend about an hour so you can enjoy the sun, explore the sea world and maybe grab a few cocktails at the bar, to toast the enjoyment of a well-designed holiday.

cocktails at the bar