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One more successful summer season is over as we are now approaching that time in the year  dedicated to writing articles and useful information for our future guests.

In our many years of being in business with boat trips and excursions, we learned that our customers’ satisfaction is the number one priority on our list. In order  to achieve that, we are adjusting and developing our service every year for we believe that after the trip, our guests should be left with nothing but an amazing experience and lifetime worth memories that will be even better than their expectation.

Ris Marine Boat at Blue Cave

When we first started our company in 2013., our web page , was the first one and the only one for that matter,  offering  Blue Cave trips. With time, a profit has increased an interest in other agencies within this business which resulted with a saturated market. It has become overflown with a lot of  different versions and offers for boat trips and excursions to Blue Cave. This phenomena put in question the very quality of Blue Cave tours because many different booking platforms and agencies are taking a large percentage of commision from the actual boat owners and their staff.  Therefore, the  lack of quality is not surprising regarding the 70% of the commision that the owners actually get from the price you pay to a booking agency.

stiniva bay

The consequences are that the owners provide very low quality boats that are not at all suitable for these types of excursions and moreover do not comply to Croatian laws for transport of passengers over the sea. Furthermore, tour is guided by unprofessional crew because they appear to be a cheaper labour.

Our primary goal is the guests’ satisfaction and hopefully a potential recommendation.

What makes us to stand out among the sea of other agencies, is the very fact that we are NOT a touristic agency that rents out bicycles, kayaks, apartments etc.

Speedboat at Split harbour

Our company is aimed exclusively towards boat trips and speedboat rides. Also, we are using our own boats for all of our trips; for the maximum security we use only rubber boats because  they are completely unsinkable.

Enough said that these types of boats are used by maritime police, coast guard and military.


Our policy is that the 50% of the quality we offer should be the boat itself and the other 50% is the crew that will be with you for 10 hours  straight during the trip around 5 most beautiful islands in this part of the Adriatic sea.

This is the reason why it is very important for you to book your trip with the agency that holds their own boats and that is exclusively dealing with boat trips and excursions.

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