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Explore the pearl of untouched nature and treat yourself with a day that will delight all your senses. We organize one day boat trip to locations that will fascinate you with awe-inspiring beauty that will stay in your memory for long time. Find out why this is the most popular boat excursion across the Adriatic.

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Blue Cave

Blue Cave

Blue Cave is the first destination you will see on your day trip from Split. Blue cave is located on the east side of island Biševo. Speedboat ride from Split to Blue Cave take 1 hour 15 min. Speedboat ride is very interesting due to frequent encounters group of dolphins in the open sea which is in the morning hours so peaceful that dolphins notice and with very large distance. Your captain will come to the dolphins as close as possible that you can take photos. Blue Cave is open to the public since 1884, when it pierced the outer entrance. When we arrive at island Biševo we will stop 200 meters from the Blue Cave. Than your sailor will buy tickets(included in the price of the trip) and you for the time you have a drink. After that you get on the small boats that will take you on a tour of the Blue Cave because the entrance to the Blue cave high as 1.5 meters. Time spent in the Blue Cave is something that will be remember for a lifetime.

Stiniva beach

Stiniva, Vis Island

Stiniva is small and tight bay on the island Vis. It’s one of the most attractive place in Croatia because of unusual beach. The bay is long around 600m, and the width of the bay is 100m. Beach at Stiniva is famous because it’s surrounded on the all sides by high cliffs. Stiniva is positioned on south of local road, which connect two villages, Podspilje and Plinsko polje. Also, in the bay you can see few uninhabited fishermen’s houses. Whole bay is protected as natural reserve.  Sea ground is especially attractive for divers.

Turquoise lagoon of Budikovac island

Blue Lagoon – Budikovac Island

This hidden exclusive location is a favourite place for experienced sailors. Not surprisingly, due to the beauty of the untouched nature that awaits you in the blue lagoon perfect for a totally relaxing experience in crystal clear sea, which is so clean that the bottom of the sea is visible by naked eye. That sea bottom is what’s gives this place that special look and azure blue colour. The darker parts of the underwater world are sea urchins, that are a sure sign of the highest quality of the sea.

Veli Budikovac, where only one resident lives, has two beautiful pebble beaches, as well as a restaurant and cafe bar where you can enjoy local specialties or have a drink. An additional charm for this islet is also provided by a small farm of domestic animals, which will be very interesting to children.

The other island, the Mali Budikovac is completely uninhabited. Both islands because of their distance and mutual position provide a protected environment which creates such a natural beauty that has remained intact. Reason for that is this location can be reached only by boat.
Enjoy the underwater world with your naked eye or with a snorkeling mask and explore with us turquoise lagoon. Here you can swim and enjoy the view of the vegetation of the nearby islets and become one with nature for your ultimate relaxation in this little paradise.

Palmizana, Paklinski Islands near Hvar


The most famous Hvar tourist resort with a nautic marina is Palmižana. The bay of Vinogradišće on the southern side of the island is encircled with a dense pine tree forest, altogether with plants such as rosemary and heather, among other exotic plants. Number of restaurants, bars and pensions are on the island.

Set in an idyllic island location, Restaurant Zori offers the discerning customer a luxurious piece of paradise. Set beneath azure blue skies, emerald Adriatic waters encircle the lush, vibrant green of Palmižana, where you can find, constructed of sun-bleached stone, this jewel of Croatian fine dining.


Hvar Croatia


The town is located in a small bay on the south coast of the island of Hvar, towards the western end. The surrounding land is karst hillside, rising steeply from the Adriatic Sea. The rocks in the area are porous, mainly limestone and dolomite, so ground water is scarce. However there is some agriculture where the terrain is sufficiently accessible, and can be irrigated, such as olive groves, vineyards, lavender, rosemary.

The mountain range that stretches the length of the island acts as an effective barrier between Hvar town and the settlements to the north. In centuries past, it would have taken several hours to walk overland, or sail around the coast. The modern Stari Grad to Hvar road, with its new tunnel (opened in 2000), now provides quick and easy access between the north and south.

The coastline is mostly steep and indented, with small gravel beaches in the bays. The Pakleni Otoci and the island of Galešnik at the entrance to the port of Hvar are protected landscape areas.

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