5 ways to plan a vacation in a foreign country and enjoy it

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Perhaps you are not a person who likes to plan ahead and wants to spontaneously enjoy their vacation, but the reality this attitude often gets us unprepared and brings us more stress than we need.

This is especially case on holidays in a foreign country. Planning a vacation does not have to be boring, as your travels will become more interesting and unforgettable.


Even you probably already know a lot about the country you are traveling to, it is never enough. Today it is very easy to explore the country you are visiting, as well as all the attractions of country offers that you find interesting. Google, YouTube and social networks are our friends and will help us with all the hidden and less hidden locations where many people enjoy. This particularly applies to countries we haven’t yet visited.

If one of your friends or relatives already visited that country, ask them for advice, but do not blindly follow them, because everybody taste is different. Researching before trip make us think about vacation earlier and that fact make us happier. This will ensure that you won’t miss seeing and experiencing anything worthwhile and that you will remember your vacation long time after returning home.

Make a list

If you travel with one or more persons, make a list of wishes about the places you want to see that you will all agree. Or at least partially agree.


When you have a list of things you want to see, inform yourself of about each thing on the list and begin planning to make sure that all become your reality.

Don’t wait for the last moment

There is a great possibility that place you want to visit is tourist attraction and that lot of other people want to visit desired location too, especially if you are visiting a place during the tourist season, so do not wait for the last minute.

When you finally get away, remember to relax and enjoy

Though we emphasize the importance of planning in this article, even this may sound weird, planning ahead makes easer to have spontaneous time on holiday.

But remember that we can plan ahead only in certain degree, so don’t forget to relax and enjoy experience even if you have to change some of your plans. Maybe something better waits you on your holiday instead. Travel is always an adventure, embrace it.

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